Thursday, July 19, 2007

True tale of a demon on the attack ( reposted)

I have to tell you this. (again)
It's part of my life, specifically May 1990 - Mother's day. Sunday.
My wife, Amy has just gone into the Safeway store on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco, a few blocks from where we lived for four years. We are moving and need some more boxes. I am in our car with the two boys, Oren and Jared, then 5 and three years old, waiting for her to come out. I am dressed in a shirt and tie, slacks, having just come from church. We lived in a very mixed neighborhood, some would call it poor.
I am sitting behind the wheel, at the curb, waiting when I hear a noise, noises from the crosswalk in front of me. A man is beating and jumping on another man who is down in the street. Reflexively I open the car door, and run to the fight, while many others stand and watch. I see an average size black man kicking the now unconscious man who is bleeding from his mouth and head.
I know he may be able to swing at me, but I also know I can not let him kill this other man. I stand directly in front of him, I can not say if I yell or just stand. He releases the mans head which he has been pounding against the pavement. He stands and we are eye to eye, I am looking at the blackest soul I have ever seen. I know this is a demon, murder is its name. I shout, with as much authority as I can, "Stop, in Jesus name!"

I could not call for help from another, I could not wait and see if the attack would stop, I could not do anything but what I did. I did not have time to look for a weapon that this man might have, nor did I take time to arm myself.

The man is dark skinned, short hair, a knit cap of several colors. He is less than two feet away and staring at me. His hands, which were beating the life out of his victim moments before are hanging at his side. I am relieved at this, having never been a fighter, but having been punched a time or two. Something has changed in the attacker, like a switch was turned off. I do not touch him, but point with my long arm, long finger and long stare toward the sidewalk, and command
"Now, Go sit down on the curb!" and then I looked down at the man on the asphalt. Mouth open, blood abundant, eyes closed. He lies like a discarded rag doll, arms and legs splayed around his unmoving body. I or someone near me, yells for 911 to be called.

Out of the Safeway a man comes, carrying a cake in a pink box, straight over to us. "I am an EMT, let me go get my bag".
He comes back and I am relieved of my duty toward the victim. An ambulance comes in a few minutes, and a police car maybe ten minutes later. I answer a few questions for the officers, give my name and numbers. The officers talk to ten or so witnesses from the sidewalk crowd. None of them is more amazed than me at what has just happened.
This, I think to myself, is the going away event; one that will remind me of why I moved my family from the city, to the mountains. To a place of quieter living, less crowding, more peaceful surroundings and perhaps more peaceful people.

Wednesday edition:

people are asking what happened to the bad guy. it is so politcally incorrect to refer to him by such a prejudicial label. Here is what happened he went to prison, 2 1/2 years.
The whole story is both sad and funny, tragic and telling. I will try to drag it out for as long as I can ( i need more readers folks!!)

The assailant:
He heard what I said, he stopped. and then he went and SAT on the curb,
and was sitting there when the police arrived. he was arrested and interviewed by the police detective. Here is what she said when she talked to me later on the phone. (paraphrase)
Mr. Schmidt I need to get some information about this event. We asked this guy about the attack ( he did not know the victim or have a motive, except, perhaps he was gay of effeminate.)
Cop: Why did he stop beating the other man? "the preacher told me to stop in Jesus name"
Cop: Do you believe in Jesus? No I am a muslim.

then the officer asks me, Is that what happened? I told her yes, I did not recommend it, but in this case it worked. That I told him to stop in Jesus name, but that I was not a preacher, just a guy in a tie. I told her I would be available to testify if they needed me. Now ten or more people were witnesses and gave the police information at the scene, but at the arraignment there was me, the victim, who still had some severe damage to his head, and the Muslim man.

He plead guilty.
I told the man next to me that God had some special reason for saving him that day. I hope he did something wondeful with the rest of his life.
I'll never forget that day, nor cease to thank God for His power and authority.
When I am getting whooped, I hope one of you is near by to stick up for me.


Kerri said...

Not many people have what it takes to do the right thing in that situation. God definitely had His hand upon you.

Jayleigh said...

OK David you have me! Now don't wait 2 days until you post the rest of the story.

Thanks for your honesty while talking last. I know sometimes it's hard to talk about issues so close to home.

Remember that you are so precious in God's sight.

Rachel said...

I believe in the goodness of human beings as much as I believe that there are evil people out there. Someone who could beat another human being like that is hardly misguided, they are simply wrong. I have seen such evil attacks and it beat me up inside and I did everything to try and stop them. G-d bless your spirit.

akeskileut said...

Lord gave you the courage to go and help the person in need. I'm glad you helped out. Lord Bless!

Joe said...

Working late one night I see on the parking lot security camera a man snooping among the cars. On the intercom I tell him to move away from the cars. He looks as if he has heard a voice out of nowhere. Then gets in a windowless panel van and pulls out of the parking lot. I go out to get his license plate number, but he is backing out so I cannot see it. Then he pulls back in to the lot and brandishes a large pistol. "This says I have the right to be here," he shouts at me. A voice from within me yells, "You don't belong here and neither does that gun. Now get out of here!" To my astonishment, he leaves. I go inside to finish my work. Moments later I begin shaking uncontrollably and sweating. My only explanation is that God gave me the courage and the voice to confront that man. Praise Him!

bryanc said...

It's a little sad to think that the bad in the city chases out the ones who could improve it that needed bit. But it seems like the natural process and I don't blame you for moving out to the country.

k8 said...

rock on! this story gets me psyched. God has awesoem power. I rememebr and vengelist i heard once telling about a story like this but a guy was mugging him and he commanded the guy in the name of Jesus. what happened to the beater upper guy??

Esther said...

Wow, David. That is amazing. I second what kerri said here.

beth said...

wow, incredible. what's the rest of the story?

Sally Swift said...

Good for you, David. There are so many angry people in the world, missing out on so much joy. As a woman in confrontation with the rage of a stranger, I had less of an intimidation factor going for me. And I felt unable to speak for God.

Here's my story, tell me what you think: Road Rageous

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Thanks for stopping by my site!

There is authority in the Name of Jesus!! Hallelujah! It is so unusual to find someone who actually practices that authority. Thank God you were there to take authority over that demon, can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for you. You have already fulfilled one of the purposes God had for your life.

Daphnewood said...

very cool story David. I really liked it. I always tell my kids to say things in Jesus' name if ever they are afraid. This is just more confirmation for me.

Anonymous said...
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Kat said...

That's amazing. You are a brave man. I hope that I would do the same if the opportunity arose.

Killired said...

wow you are brave! i would be afraid to do that... but like you said.. you couldn't just sit there and let him beat the snot out of this man... you are lucky he didn't start beating you up... was there a large crowd around you when you intervened? did anyone else offer to help?

jel said...


colleen said...

He was awakened out of his insanity. You may have helped save two men that day.

shoeaddict said...

Technically, Michele sent me to read this chilling story. God actually sent me. Praise Jesus for giving you the courage to do this. The Lord's power is amazing and amazes me everyday. I'm blessed to continue to meet people who know HIS wonder and walk in His light.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story! I like Colleen's comment - you just never know who you saved that day :-)

Jayleigh said...

God is so wonderful and... just WOW.

I have goose bumps... thanks for finishing!!

Terry said...

Dear David...This story has brought tears to my eyes.
Who knows but what you will meet all three of these people in heaven because of your not being afraid to step in and help and because of your not being ashamed of the Lord.
You just might see the attacker and the attacked and the cop in never know!!..from Terry

Amrita said...

Thank you for directing me to this story.

Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world.

This is certainly a display of God 's power over our enemy....Pilgrim 's Progress David.
I have had some experience in spiritual warfare.

In India being surrounded by temples and places of false worship we come head on with it very often.

Satan is crouching there trying take advantage at the drop of a hat.

I have been deceived too, but the Lord has rescued me.

Hope both these men find God remembering how they saw His power.

Happy birthday David have a glorious August 2nd.