Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy belated ....

I need to introduce my sister, Laurel,
who just had a birthday.
we are as close as can be
and soaked in genuine family love
that transcends the years between us and our completely different lifestyles.
She is brilliant, has oodles of talent, writes great books and travels all over talking to teachers and school administrators.
So go see her picture and her web page. I recommend her books,
all available on Amazing dot comm. ( my huge indulgence)

hey sister, I love you!

I love elbonian proverbs too, lets see if I can make one up.

When life gives you plums
let them rot in the sun.

when life gives you goat manure
start a new religion
that is powered by pellets!

when you have no blog fodder
just lay some really weird stuff down,
because no one is reading this anyway......

Pray for Minerva!


Jennifer said...

I think you're brilliant with oodles of talent too. These Elbonian proverbs don't write themselves, ya know?
Happy Birthday to your sister!! I hope she had a great one!! :)
And don't say no one reads your blog...I read it every day, whether here or on my reader :)

Minerva said...

As do I and I notice immediately when you 'lay wierd stuff down'.
As for me, appointment booked for tomorrow pm..

You are great too...


Jennifer said...

...and, yes, you're totally a Muggle, but I love ya anyway :) Have a great week....

David said...

Minerva, there was a man once who could not walk, so his friends carried him, on his "pallet", to where Jesus was, so that He could be touched by the Divine. I am proud to be one of many carrying you, today. It is not a far trip and you are not a burden.

Bob-kat said...

Your sister is quite the achiever! Wishing her a Happy belated Birthday!

jel said...

you are really something,

you are a blessing !