Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vaccination bauble school

Help the dear children of Elbonia
This is their month off from working in the mudflats
and they need some fun activities, so we are asking you to help fund the
first vaccination bauble school for them, if you can.

It costs so little, since almost everything in Elbonia is made of dirt,
( you could say it was dirt cheap).
We have fun games planned, of course, and crafts.
Just this morning I was practicing the art/ homemaking unit,
"Making coffee filters from a paper towel and two staples".
I just know the children will love the sense of accomplishment as they turn a plain paper towel into a useful item for the teacher.
we need a roll of paper towels donated, as we already have a stapler.

If this goes well, we are making dust masks for each child to take with them, as the coming month of Urb is the only dry month in Elbonia and the mud turns into fine dust that the cyclonic winds drive into every place. for that we may need a packet of rubber bands, or some old underwear elastic.

At the end of the week, each child gets to choose a vaccination from the discard pile left by the World Health Organization when they evacuated in 1984. Its so fun to see their eyes light up as they select which disease they "may" be protecting themselves from. The only rules, are don't pick something your brother picks, and not the same as last years choice.

Enough for today, so much to do before the little rascals are knocking at the shabby door with their dirty hands. Oh the joy of working with youth!

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Jennifer said...

OK, you had me laughing out loud here. I love how your mind works!!
My favorite paragraph was the one where they get to choose their own vaccination. Sheer genius, and definitely brought a smile to my face!!
Hugs for you today (((HUGS)))!