Sunday, July 15, 2007

from the computer of son #2

Sunday evening
I REALLY need to get a move on this week.
Mom is better, so I need to get out of lazy mode,
and into high gear.
too many projects waiting,
and no helper ( miss you, Gary!)
and so little energy, even with all the vitamins and supplements.
sure it's hot
but I see plenty of other guys out there working.
Besides, If I work, and also split wood
I can lose some of this fat, and look a little better in my teeny bathing suit.

Church was excellent today, God bless you pastor Gene!


jsdaughter said...

split wood?!? That's very ambitious- or it would be for me!! :)
Michele sent me this evening..

Carmi said...

I love your outlook on life, David. I have no doubt you'll look good in whatever you wear, because the aesthetic of a human being extends to the inside as well.