Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ms walk - Raising funds, please

I am late announcing this, But if everyone who reads this blog gives a dollar,well, we would have twenty more dollars for helping to end this sort of suffering.
God bless you all, and my donors: Jennifer B., Rena M, George W, Chris in Whittier, and team member Sam!
I pledge to walk until I stop, and then I will eat, hehe!

I am walking TODAY!!!! , with a small team, and a dog, to help raise funds to fight MS
if you want to donate click here to do so now
look for team MTN SOCIAL LINKS.
Donations accepted even after the event.
Paula Deen, Paula Deen's black lab. Paula Deen's husband's black lab. its just a dog, for Heavens sake


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Here from Michele's tonight, David! And Good for you walking for MS...My neice has MS and I have known quite a few peolle throughoit my life who either had it, and are gone now or have it right now.... I applaud you!

Chris said...

Hmmmm...Starbucks? Or MS? Starbucks? Or MS? Oh fine then. You win. MS it is.

Joe said...

After one has given until it hurts, one should keep on giving until it feels good!

I have given to MS for many years.

I've had several friends with it.

Two are doing very well, all things considered. The others are not.

David said...

thank you christine, and thank you Rena

margalit said...

Good for you for walking for MS. What a great cause. I've given to MS already here...they just collected last week, in fact. But I'm wishing you good luck.

Michele sent me.

Justin said...

Okay, I've been trying to comment for the last hour or so, but my Internet connection keeps going out.

I'm glad you're going on the MS walk, but unfortunately I can't donate anything because student loans don't allow for much. However, you do have my support in your walk!

Here from Michele's.

Paul said...

Here from Michele's. I saw your snow drive. We had that last weekend. I had to drive in the dark, thank you.

Karen said...

My cousin had MS. It's a worthy cause which needs all the support it can get. Kudos to you!

Michele sent me over to say "hi". :o)

Bob-kat said...

Well done for getting up and doing something positive for a good cause. I am currently supporting two friends who are walking for cancer so good luck in your endeavours!

Michele sent me to cheer you on.

rashbre said...

Good luck with your walk today. Like Chris, I've donated my "Starbucks" to you, via the site.


David said...

thank you Robert!

Princess said...

That is awesome that you are doing that!
Have fun with your walk! :D

Here from Micheles.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi david!

Michele sent me.

David said...

thank you Rashbre

colleen said...

You reminded me of a friend in Massachusetts who is walking and who I promised to send money to. I wrote here address down and then forgot where I put it. Forgetfulness is a new theme.

I onced walked 25 miles against drug abuse. Oh, the blisters!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Great cause, hope your contributions racked up for them

BTW- My older Sis is living with MS

Chris said...

So, did you get any photos? Did you hear stories, learn about new people? Tell me more, please.

Oh, and as I side note: Call me Chris. I only get called Christine when I'm in trouble. When I'm in REALLY bad trouble, my middle name gets thrown in there, too. But that's just between me and you, got it?

I'm not in trouble, am I? ;)