Thursday, April 19, 2007

I love swimming in moving water

this is what it can be like living with attention deficit:

I imagine that I am swimming in moving water
a strong tide draws me out into the depths
no fear, I float and play in the waves.
cords from shore become taught and keep me from going out too far
on the end of these life lines are caring friends, family

I am having too good a time to see the dangers
I relax and swim at leisure as the afternoon wafts by
like the scent of grilling chicken from the shoreline barbeque
One friend pulls and I do not mind, nor do I change my lazy stroke to head for shore, but when two pull, I am roused from my mindless playtime
to see the sun setting and the need for strong strokes in the direction of my home
I arrive, tired but safe.
the waves will be there tomorrow
and so will I
Thanks for holding my ropes,
and praying.

rerun - cause I liked it


Amber said...

Wow, Dave, I haven't been by too often so I really don't know what you've got going on, but I am here for you now.

Just so you know. I'm on that email. Will even send a photo. ;)


Joe said...

I think I may be beginning to understand the side-bar statement: I am crazy, but I am really effective at it, so its sort of an art form.

But this I know: It is good to have a good time, but one must not lose sight of the dangers.

It's a good thing there were ropes and pullers.

Lazy Daisy said...

Nicely done. You old that a poet's soul?

Barbara said...

Yes, you're safe with your friends.

sister celtic said...

that was cool david...

Running2Ks said...

This is gorgeous!

angel said...

dude, i love reading your descriptions of what its like for you to live with adhd... it gives me a little more insight into what my damien lives with when he can't tell me himself.

kenju said...

I like it too, David! Thanks for the visit tonight.