Saturday, April 21, 2007

Dinner with the savior

where do I sit?
i am His guest
will I just eat
or grasp some of the gravity of this moment?
when Jesus breaks the bread
does my heart also break?
when the Lord pours the wine
is my salvation on His mind?
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Plain Jane said...

Thanks for dropping by. :)

jel said...

very cool,
and it does make you wonder!


take care!

C said...

I have a great last supper picture. It's all carved out of wood.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Only DaVinci knows for sure... It's his painting!

I bet Jesus wonders if we'll work to save ourselves every day! It's so easy for us mere humans to blow it!

Joe said...

Rich thoughts!

We should reflect on that the next time we partake!

Spookie the Warrior said...

Wow, a guest at Jesus' dinner table - I would feel most unworthy if he were to serve me, I would rather want toserve Him. I think that that would be the biggest thing for me. Like when He washed the disciples feet.
Beautifully written.

Thanks for visitng my Bloggy!! And My Poetry. I have linked you, so you will see me a bit more around here. Oh - and I love the Hawaii photos, that's a place I would LOVE to visit one day.

How did you find me BTW??

gail said...

Hi David, I have seen you on spookies blog and called over to visit you from Australia.
I love your beautiful poem and yes, I am His cherished guest and I do grasp the gravity of the moment and thank Him.

kpjara said...

Spookie was right...reall incredible poetry and this poem is what I often feel when I take communion.

Thanks for stopping by.

byHisgracealone said...

You say so much with so few words....while so many others tend to complicate His enlightening post!

Keeping you in my prayers...God is faithful with His answers. Have a blessed day!


Barbara said...

Very thought provoking David.

Jayleigh said...

:-) Thanks, David!

tiff said...

hearkens to the importance of the act.

hello from michele's

nobody girl said...

Happy first year anniversary of the FFMB!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice!

Twist of Kate said...

Hi there from Michele's tonight!

Anonymous said...

This was powerful, David. Very thought-provoking. Thanks for making me think a little.

Enjoy your weekend -- here from Michele's.