Sunday, April 15, 2007

Eating disorders

I am sure I ate too much last night.
OH my sweet Savior, deliver me from gluttony.
When the food is that yummy, and the setting is perfect
who can stop at any point that would be reasonable.
So I ate a lot, and will work later to burn those calories.

There are other eating disorders,

and I suppose that most of them thrive on shame and secrecy.
Having learned some about my own shame based thinking,
( Thank you Father Flannigan and the Sisters of perpetual confession!)
I sympathize with those who can not judge for themselves what appropriate
behavior is in the area of food.
If you need help, get it.
If you know someone who struggles with anorexia or bulimia,
try your best to love them into getting help.

I know this seems out of the blue.
It is prompted by a comment on Post secret today
and the tshirt made by one woman who is
struggling to heal herself and educate others.

here is a blurb:
So I decided I needed to take action on my own secret for myself, I created a shirt which on the front said "20% will die from their eating disorder" and on the back listed fifteen frequent consequences resulting from the disorders. I went to a PostSecret Event wearing the shirt I'd made. At the end of Frank's talk there was a Q&A session in which lots of people were also sharing their own stories about how the project had affected their lives. I decided to speak out and tell the story of my T-shirt - how I had worn it to school and what happened.

I never expected that it would mean much to anyone but myself. I certainly didn't anticipate people would stand up and applaud me.

Go to post secret for the rest of the story, and HERE to see her Tshirt for sale

Now I need to get some breakfast before church.

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Snaggle Tooth said...

Happy (Post-)Sunday!
I always fast before weekly ceremonial prayer-time, but eat enough after to make up for it!
I over-ate buttered popcorn tonight!

I've been visiting PostSecret for years, it's a link on my blog since day-One!
Good luck on your dentist visit, caffiene withdrawal (2-wks head-ache for me in '02), n Wellb-meds weaning- hang in there!