Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rockin in the free world

Mr. Neil Young ( he hates when I call him "mister")
sings that song. i like the tune, can not understand the lyrics, I think he is on drugs, DUH!

I wanted to do a think piece.
THINK, think, Think!
something thoughtful, with brain on display.
Then I went and worked all day and the bright thoughts flew away.
I really do think a lot, but most of it is so random that I dare not try to catch it here.
I quit taking my Wellbutrin prescription this week, for several reasons.
and in the absence of this wonderful behavior enhancing chemical
I am a slightly different person. I also quit a much more friendly drug
that is in my coffee, caffeine. Whoah Nellie! Whole lot a shakin' going on.
I feel pretty good. I substituted a Chinese herb tea in for stimulation, and had enough highly focussed tasks to keep me on track. In four days I have formed and pured a yummy chocolate colored patio, and raised a small but sturdy deck above it, and crafted a set of thirteen steps to function as a fire escape from the upstairs rooms of this house. Today, just for fun the temp dropped to 33 degrees and we had snow on and off. In the past I might have bailed, instead I bundled and managed to get in a really productive, satisfying day.
So I need to hit the Ginseng, the herbs, the B vitamins, and head down the hill. because tomorrow is my dentist appointment, yay!
I think that is all .

Oh Yeah, Jennifer Thinks I am special, and gave me the thinking blogger award and I get to award it to my favorite thinking bloggers, which I will do sometime tis weekend, if I think about it. Go visit Jennifer and Hear all about her recent hearing test and her cochlear implant.

Thank Jennifer, I am honored, and tired, and thinking about a hot bath and bed.


Chelle A. said...

WoW, a lot going on with you! Good going! I hope you post pics of your work.

Here via Michele's,


Jennifer said...

I'm not sure I could give up antidepressants and caffiene all in one week...You da man!! ;)
Great thinking post! ;)

Paul said...

Well, shoot. Why would anyone give up coffee, coffee, coffee?

Here from Michele's.

Mr. Althouse said...

This is a thoughtful post. Sometimes a re-unaltered consciousness is all it takes, I guess.

Jennifer has great insight, congratulations.

Michele sent me,


Madame Courtney Whiny Complainy Pants, Esq. said...

Good luck with your elimination of bad/good substances.

Michele sent me.

Indigo said...

What are the odds? Jennifer gave me the Thinking Blogger Award too!

Michele sent me! Happy Saturday!

dakotablueeyes said...

HIMichele sent me

PI said...

You have been busy. Don't try to give up too much at once and good luck with the dentist - always a good thing over and done with. Have a good week-end - sorry about the snow and Michele says hi!

Chris said...

Well now, I guess we have a lot in common. Wellbutrin, Caffeine as well as my Adderal for my ADD are my best friends. I don't know if I could quit them all at once, though!