Wednesday, March 07, 2007

take a side trip with me

I just read ( for a second time) something terrible, horrific and really sad.
( but not TRAGIC, thankfully)
I hope you will benefit in some way by knowing this blogger
and reading her powerful post:

There is always the possibility of (me) being the nice neighbor who was too good to let evil go on unchallenged.
Could You be the neighbor in some other child's story?

--------- friday, I am off to save a 60 year old Chinese Elm by pruning it,
so that the owner would not "rip it out" to avoid the 'maybe' of it falling on the stupid jerk neighbor ( and making the planet a nicer place)
maybe I can drop a chainsaw on this crazed and evil woman?


quilldancer said...

Thank you for sharing my story. If it makes a positive difference in someone's life, it was worth living through.

Sandy said...

what a sad story. I'm so glad it had a happy ending. Maybe it IS a Cinderella story after all

Layla said...

You sure have a knack for finding these types of stories. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

mar said...

What a testimony, David, it's truly a powerful post. Michele sent me today but I know my way to your blog :)
happy weekend

Indigo said...

Hello, Michele sent me. I'll go read Cinderella's story!

Barbara said...

I hope the tree was saved and that you were safe while pruning it.

David said...

thank you barbara,
I made surgical cuts to this great old tree, and my terrific son helped me. I had no close calls, and i believe the health of this tree will be enhanced, at least in the short term, I did not take any pictures (alas)
quill dancer, the pleasure and honor are mine, you story needs a large audience.

Yaeli said...

The only thing required for evil to win is for good people to stand by and do nothing.
Your friend was very lucky that neighbour was looking out for her.

Michele sent me today!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Hope things are going well for you.

Vintage Girl said...

wow that's a sad story. :( atleast it had a happy ending.

thanks for putting it up 4 us 2 read :D

Vintage Girl