Sunday, March 11, 2007

sunny Sunday

its ( almost) too beautiful to blog.
I am headed outside after this post
to wash a car or two, since there is NO snow or rain in the forecast.
I will tell you later of
new clients, different church service, and a recent visit with Dr. Stihl.
I am blessed with good health, loving family and friends,
and joy in the midst of each challenging season of my life.
and the sailboat? its sitting at $7600.00 but was described by the marina personnel as a boat in a box. (translation: Much a$$embly required. )
I am staying a good distance away.


Jennifer said...

Boat in a box? Hm...I can assemble bicycles, but have never tried a boat...
I'm glad you're having a wonderful Sunny Sunday :)!

Barbara said...

Sounds like life is great! There will be another boat.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Hang in there for a better deal in the want-ads. A beautiful day is good with or without a sail-ride! I had one today, myself (good day off).