Wednesday, March 07, 2007


unlike my honorable friend in the UK, i will post even when I have little coherent to say. Today feels like a pfffffttt day already at 6:36 am. but blog i must, and there was NO good mail in my INBOX to keep me entertained/ distracted before my driving duties begin at 7:05.
So I checked my junk mail. (see laughter post below, first before you read on)
What I found was that like all life, junk mail is evolving - downward, quickly.

Here are my replies to the Low life offers below.
Vicki, no I do not want to meet, you are not real enough, yet.
Twohotblondes, I have bad eyes, I can't take the chance that you would damage them further.
shipping - send it on over, even though I did not order anything.
Mandy, I think Barry Manilow still has a thing for you.
Yes my poem actually COULD win 10k, in Nigeria..... hehe
Thanks also for the kind gifts of trips and airline tickets, I am so blessed.

By now you can see the one I am heading for....

see it?

YEssss, hot sexy christian singles are looking for me.
Finally someone has figured out my demographic!
This is so me ( checking in mirror)
Hot??? Yes, when I drive without the AC on!
sexy, who even knows what that means anymore, but I am sure I am.
Christian?? yes, saved by grace through faith. washed in the blood of the Lamb, and dedicated to God. Forever grateful that my life which was on a strong downward spiral, has been snatched up by a gracious loving, merciful Lord.
Single??? Seems so, despite my best efforts.

I am so signing up for this! Woo Hoooo


Jennifer said...

Hot sexy Christian singles?? It sounds like they've got your number, for sure ;)
I need to go blog something. I am having a no-brainer day (literally) today...

Anonymous said...

Oh those are too funny!

My Mum and Aunt have just recently caught on to email, so I get joke after joke in my inbox - usually the same thing twice as they send to each other and then both pass it on to me :-) It's cute.

A link exchange sounds great to me - you have a nice little space here :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi again - the link love is complete! :-)

Hubby doesn't mind at all, he mostly just shakes his head at me and my silly blogging, lol.

katherine. said...

at least you get hot sexy CHRISTIAN singles....I get hot sexy freaks of nature...

quilldancer said...

ppfffttt is one of my favorite words!

Minerva said...

What a FANTASTIC post David, and I love your replies...

Still laughing...


Jayleigh said...

oh my word!! lol

Carmi said...

I think I'll do the same. Wanna head over to Nigeria with me?

Snaggle Tooth said...

This has me in stiches! Watch out, Christians can be blonde, too!