Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Laughter: from my junk mail folder

Vicky 23f... Do you want to meeeeet? Wed Nov 04, 2037 3k
2hotblondes Come see me
Sat Mar 07, 2037 2k
SHIPPING NOTICE final shipping confirmation Fri Jan 16, 2037 2k
Mandy hey its Mandy
Thu Jan 15, 2037 2k
Poetry Contest Your poem could win $10,000 Fri Mar 07, 2036 2k
MyFunCards Send an eCard to a friend right now! Fri Mar 07, 2036 3k
Gift Card Group Free* FREE* $1000 Cash Fri Mar 07, 2036 3k
Ebay Success Make Money on Ebay today! Thu Mar 06, 2036 3k
Vacation NOTICE: Free Disney Vacation Pending - please confirm Thu Mar 06, 2036 3k
StillSingle Someone wants to date You Thu Mar 06, 2036 2k
Airline Tickets Notice: Free Southwest Airlines Ticket - please confirm Thu Mar 06, 2036 3k
UltimateGevaliaCoffeeSet Complimentary Stainless Steel Coffeemaker & Stainless Steel Travel Mug from Geva... Mon Jan 28, 2030 3k
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