Monday, March 05, 2007

you know what?

I am just excited
so many things going on
small things:
like my mom doing better every day
and the peace I have that overcomes nagging doubts.

Big things, like good work and challenging
projects and renewed contact with good clients.
healthy activities and beautiful art work.

not to mention all the mornings I wake up here
at 7000 feet and enjoy the clean air and deep blue sky.

and maybe, just maybe God will let me have that sailboat.
some day this week I will go inspect it, after laying my hands on it
my heart will be knit to it, and the blood in my veins will go a bit saltier
even though I know that
Yes there is a sailor inside of me,
but he does not have permission to cast off shore just yet.
"Patience, your time will come, Lad."

Aye Captain. ( sighs)
someone go to my paypal account and put in xx,xxx.00
just for fun, ok?


Jennifer said...

I do the same with motorcycles ;) It wouldn't do for me to have a boat...nowhere around here to sail it! Isn't it fun to dream though??

sage said...

I too pray for a sailboat--one day, one day!

Barbara said...

Good luck getting that boat.

Carmi said...

A 40-footer? Wow...I can see why you'd want one. I've always harbored a dream of living on a sailboat. Not really possible now with the little people. But eventually? Who knows...

Not sure where I'd put the bike, but that's a mere logistical issue.