Saturday, February 24, 2007


I think these are willows.
with the first fuzzy buds
telling me its near-to-spring.

the remains of last years"weeds" make a lovely dried arrangement in front of our ski slope mountains.

Too often I neglect to get out and appreciate my wonderful mountain valley. Not this week.

I also posted a picture or two here.
and MTR has a new post on Great Minds
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Becky68 said...

What beautiful pictures David! I miss pussy willows, my mother had a beautiful tree full of them right outside of her kitchen window in the house I grew up in, I haven't seen any since my grandmother sold the house in 1992, wow do they bring back memories.
Here from Micheles.

Jayleigh said...

LOVE the pics!!!!!

Shephard said...

I have photos of these same "weeds" from our last trip up there. You live in a beautiful area!

Michele says hello,

utenzi said...

The weeds are very pretty, David. I hope the pussywillows aren't putting their buds out too early. The Bradford Pears in my front yards are all budded out due to the mild winter and I suspect they might be hit by some nasty bit of weather in March. Nature!

I hope your weather continues to be nice!

Michele sent me.

Jennifer said...

Oh, David...those are gorgeous! They almost make me feel warm! I am so ready for spring!!
Thanks for commenting on my always makes my day to hear from you :)

Bob-kat said...

Lovely photos. Spring is on its way here too - the bulbs are starting to grow and some daffodils are in flower.

Michele sent me to admire your weeds.

Yaeli said...

Gosh you live in a beautiful place!!! I'm very jealous. All i get to see are buildings, buildings and more buildings.

Michele sent me.

Barbara said...

You live in a very beautiful place David. I'm glad you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

David you do live in a natural paradise. I'm glad you had the eyes to see it!

Carol said...

Lovely Photos David....