Thursday, February 22, 2007

Etta James

this will be a 5 minute blog post:

I feel great my mouth is not sore ( 7 am )
my face is only a little swollen
and I will not need anything stronger than
Extra Strength Tylenol to help me get thru my
(admittedly EASY) day.
Bless you for caring,

Should I go see Etta James in concert ?
you get to vote
possible new computer found
now I just have to shop for it.


Lee Ann said...

Thank you for stopping by!
I am sorry you have had teeth problems...almost nothing worse!
Heal quickly!

I hope to see you more often, please come by anytime.

Renee said...

But we're Christians. How bad is the slap?

Azgreeneyes said...

Why wouldn't you go see her? I'm all for having as many (concert-type) experiences as possible. Our last was George Strait. Amazing, for the music and for just the experience. Good luck computer shopping :p

mar said...

Ich hoffe, dir geht es besser heute.

Hope you are feeling better today, :)

Jodes said...

Etta James, really???? isn't she REALLY old??? Glad you are doing well, come by if you get a chance, Ihave not seen you in my bloggy world for awhile.

Southern Byways said...

HHope your day is improving... ntohing worse than a tooth ache. :(

David said...

feeling better, a bit
Jodes, Yes. Etta was 69 last month
so she is not that old compared to me.

Renee your comment was about the movie, it was just unkind - and the sort of thing Disney can not resist.

phoenix said...

I hope you go... it is something you will remember and be able to look back and smile upon. Hope you find the perfect PC for yourself... you deserve it.

Yaeli said...

Glad you're feeling better! At the risk of sounding ignorant... Who's Etta James?

Michele sent me today. Take care!!!

Michael Manning said...

HI! MICHELE SENT ME! On your question: Absolutely! I missed out seeing Elvis as kid shortly before he died. Then I missed Sinatra and The Grateful Dead. On my recent trip to Las Vegas I caught Tom Jones, barely missed Comedian Don Rickles, but caught Rita Rudner. I also saw the incredible bass player from Weather Report and Joni Mitchell, Jaco Pastorius before he was murdered. Etta? Don't miss her. She is a "Legend".

David said...

i heard Jaco play with Joni mitchell
YES - wonderful electric bass
some of my favorite people,
I forgot how many times we saw the Dead.