Monday, February 26, 2007

I am the luckiest man on earth!

or so it seems
today I drive 3 hours south to
Carlsbad, Ca
and do some of my favorite type work
stay down near the ocean ( it has been too long)
and take on the same project Tuesday
and then scoot home while it dries/ cures
for a dental visit Wednesday ( there goes my luck)
and Next week I repeat the trip for finishing touches.
Oh God, you are so good!
Thank you all who pray for me


Jennifer said...

It sounds wonderful...I am so jealous that you have a job that you love and you get to spend time at the beach! I wish I was at the beach today....

Neo said...

David - Now throw in some fishing and you're all set.


- Neo

Joe said...

Isn't it interesting that for the Christian there is nothing lucky about being lucky?

Know what I mean?

David said...

Monday - good work til 11pm
Turesday RAIN! ugghhhh