Wednesday, February 21, 2007

not much verbage today

Today would be a good day NOT to blog
as I am distracted.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Update: 10 pm
Yarr - that really hurt.
As good as my dental student is
he was matched in strength by my stubborn and brittle teeth.
Three of which had to come out today to get my mouth ready for
a removable partial denture. ( insert sound of your own tooth breaking off)
-------------------- psychological train wreck ------------------------
Today I wanted to be bilingual, so I would have another language to
exclaim my deepest feelings without offending the assistant.
My mouth was full of large tooth pulling tools, and my face was numb to the tip of my chin and half way up my nose, but I had a few things that needed saying.

"Dear God in heaven, if you get me through this without a heart attack I will promise to brush and floss much more often. "
in german: Gott im himmel! bekommen Sie mich bitte aus diesem Zahnstuh!
( my mothers mother tongue)

for now I am ok
huge holes in gums, four stitches, some swelling ( aint that swell!)
and enjoying yogurt and white chocolate pudding for late snack.
Thanking God that I have strength beyond what I know.
Now, if Jack from '24' ever gets tired of torturing terrorists, my pal
at Loma Linda School of dentistry could do a great job!

its ok to laugh now, I am fast asleep, and drugged.


Minerva said...

You poor thing - nothing worse than sore teeth!

Thinking of you,


phoenix said...

Feel better soon and please find the time to go see that movie. It is well worth the giggles (which it seems you could use some of). :)

Jennifer said...

Oh goodness, David...that sounds awful. My daddy is my dentist...I went to him yesterday, but came home in pretty good shape...mouth a little numb is all :) I hope you're not in too much pain today! :)

toni said...

Hi David! I hope you're feeling much better now and that the swelling has gone down!

Michele sent me.