Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can't recall

Either I have too leave RIGHT NOW to get to the dentist
or I could go in 4 hours
for my 1 1/2 hour drive'
I know my appointment is today Feb 6th because it is also my mom's birthday #88
Was it in the morning, or afternoon ?
If morning I am a little late
if not, I will waste the morning reading in the warm sunshine on the grass
at LLUMC (sounds like a WIN WIN deal)
I wonder which it will be??

stay tuned - MATT has a new post over at Great Minds ( the ADHD blog)
so. go. read.


Jodes said...

dentist...yuck.....come by if you can, got a cool picture thingy posted.....missing ya...stay warm..we are having a heat wave down here.

hjh_1234 said...

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Barbara said...

I hope you made it to the dentist and enjoyed your day too!

Using up the words.... said...

hey hey!

So, which was it? morning or afternoon? hope it was all good, and the reading was bliss. :)

Carol said...

Happy 88th birthday to your mum David

and I hope you made the dentist...

David said...

ignore that web browser SPAM - i got 200 spam comments in one day... sxomehow this one leaked through.

Thanks - matt for posting on Great minds.

I went early the appt was at 1 pm - i read almost a whole book, did some thrift store shopping ( BOOTS!) and spent 4 long hours in the chair - ouch - my face!