Friday, February 02, 2007

We pray - and we reach out

Many thanks to all of you who visit, and pray and leave hopeful comments at Minerva's.

I never do mass emailing ( until now)
I am convinced there is something much larger than blogging going on.
I am sure God is at work. Pass this on if you would like.
I am humbled by the goodness of the few against the backdrop of the dullness of society.
What does it matter what Sean Penn thinks of the war?
Does it matter which starlet was drunk driving?

Here is what matters:
Someone needs you right now.
Go, hold them, tell them you love them.
Give all you have to give, and be surprised that your giving tank does not go empty, it ALWAYS has reserves.
Rejoice that sunset does not mean end ( as in death, obscurity)
it gives a chance to rest and reflect and renew.

If you know FaithinFlorida, she could use a hug and your prayers.
read a bunch before you comment, get the big picture.
- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - ----
"if you don't hav sumpin nice to say, don say nuffin atal. " Thumper


MyUtopia said...

How sad! It is nice of you to try and garner support for her in this difficult time she is going through.

David said...

here we go again, blogger asking me to "convert" or I can't publish comments... grrr
I may take Jayleigh's advice and change to wordpress if they hassle me too much ( i drank black coffee this AM and thought of that song)

peace to all who read here, and double to those who comment.

Blogger, I love/hate you!

Moogie said...

Ah yes...the love/hate relationship with thisi particular publishing platform is very much the rocky one. I finally had to move on and let go.

Beautiful post. It certainly gives me something to thing about.

Anna said...

Hey David...thanks for commenting on my blog! I enjoy your site....I am a lurker. :) Time to come out and say it.

I am having a great time getting reaquainted with my NIKON...I really missed it. I hope that you will come back and see what I am able to shoot!

Have a great weekend!

Bob-kat said...

Nice post. I already visit Minerva from time to time.

I converted to new blogger and it was no hassle. I don't notice any difference really other than I can do more and it's faster!

Must admit I would not like to be forced though!

Here from Michele's.

utenzi said...

Thumper's a pretty smart dude for a bunny.

Michele sent me to the mountain.

colleen said...

Pass on the love. It's contageous!

Joe said...

I really liked Thumper.

We have been praying for faith in florida.

Mamacita said...

What a good friend you are!

I'm here from Michele's, and good evening.

Tim Draayer said...

David - I'm here from Michelle's tonight. Keep up the good work!

JustRun said...

I do adore Minerva's blog and will go check out Faith's, too.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day- I like what you've got here.

Killired said...

what a wonderful post! i know i can always come here and read something so nice and sweet and inspiring.. .you are such a kind man!

Carol said...

Hi, david,
Just popped in to say hi...enjoy your posts...I've changed to word press but I could not do it, I have a friend who does it for me...I like its new look it is really under"

Literary Giant said...

You are just marvelous..
I received your email but have been a little preoccupied...My bad...*smile*

Much love to you and yours,