Thursday, February 01, 2007

6:28 the Bunny hop

funny sad and then thought provoking (post for today)

Thank you for the thoughtful comments on my previous posts,
sometimes I take time to reply in the comments section,
mostly I do not. Some of you know precisely how I feel and what I think on many topics,
and I like that. "being known"

ok some funny things:

folks who grind their beans every morning and can taste the difference that freshness makes, hmm?

Blogs that have no editor, or censor, which end up too long or too raw to be of use.

TV news, which showcases pretty boys and face-lifted women who simply "read" what is on the screen in front of them. This is crap. Give me an intelligent mind, and a good voice to bring me meaning with my content. ALL news sources have this "info-tainment" problem, even FOXnews.

Other fussy coffee folks, who pay $3 a cup to have some pimple faced kid grind their beans.

That the sun comes up EVERY day in a new miraculous way, and so few people get out doors and appreciate it.

That children learn to make beautiful music with all kinds of instruments and their parents fail to show UP at their performances. ( ok we are apparently into the SAD category and soon I will need an editor)

Sad that one of the "scooter" bunnies got smooshed in the road a few days ago, but since I saw two in my yard just now, doing the bunny hop, I am sure we will have plenty of bunnies for a long time to come. ( i wish I had video)

more later - time to rock n roll the talented viola girl to school ...

Be well, and go watch a sunrise!


Minerva said...

Hey David,
How can I possibly thank you for being my very own sunrise?

Thank you,


Barbara said...

Hi David -

Thank you for thethought provoking post today.

I get my coffee out of a can every morning! Much cheaper that way!

I love my son's musical performances. Wouldn't miss them.

Spookie the Warrior said...

I think I will do that. Watch the sunrise...