Wednesday, January 31, 2007

5:51 just a smidge

The quiet mornings
I enjoy
coffee brewing in the kitchen
my book is getting to the good ( liberation) point
Friends, I do mix light reading in, this one has just captured me,
as "Treblinka" did,
and there is domestic stuff going on.

Sorry about the implication of swearing below, I usually
only cuss in my head, and it does not get to my mouth or fingers ( typed).
When I think of the tyrants that were and the tyrants that are, and how driven they are by the essence of evil, to commit deeds much worse than murder, I am revolted, and at those moments I know that the heart of man is desperately wicked and that civilization is a thin veneer, which comes peeling off all too often, exposing the darkness that we all live in and the cruelty of human society. That children starve in Africa, when there is enough food is tragic. When children die in this country because their parents neglect and abuse them, is unthinkable. when the evening news reports on spoiled brat heiresses, and pimped out "musicians" as if they mattered, and ignores the collapse of decency, that is dereliction of duty and the height of immorality.

it wednesday, the trash man commeth!


BarBarA said...


Barbara said...

Here here David. I whole heartedly agree.

Barbara @ Trying to Catch Up

Spookie the Warrior said...

Show me one person who has never cussed in their entire life - and I will show you Jesus.

All mens hearts are wicked, sometimes I wish I could take out my own heart, put it on a table and beat it with a stick because of the wickedness in it.

But we live under the Grace of God so I dont (thankfully) need to that.

Snaggle Tooth said...

ya know, I actually *#$Q%&*-ed in my comments before I saw yours (same day)! Maybe we're just being (lamely) clairvoyant.... Some situations invoke intense reactions, so I understand how those slips occur, n I agree on these subjects-
Sometimes I slip- but at least I make a point to fight off my evil tendencies, n correct what I can, unlike the evil societital monsters to which you refer.
Civilization is a facade to justify selfishness, power structure, n lying, (it seems to me).
But not all is lost, due to good folks like you, n these bloggers!