Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ZOOm zoom zoom

I caught this guy zipping past before sunrise
my camera moved, even though I braced it on the hood of the car.
Wed update:
In kitchen related news, last night's creation was pot roast in the crock pot. I cooked it all night, pulled the beef out for sandiches or sloppy joes, and the wonderful slew of potatoes, carrots, onion and green pepper will make a nice vegetable dish for whatever is next.
The recent addition of medication ( and lots of vitamins) has really brought out the cook in me.
Also its winter so I have more night hours to burn. (Must need layer of insulation at stomach, too)
I am so blessed to have been granted a half a tree full of Granny Smith apples, which are no longer apples, having been converted into apple sauce and apple butter. ( pic to follow) What surprised me that the apples still on the tree, after many nights way below freezing were perfect. We have a super abundance of fresh yummy natural applesauce, but I refuse to keep it here very long. Wherever I go I take a jar or two with me to bestow on friends and aquaintances.
It is the season for random acts of kindness.
This world, however huge and impersonal, is full of small communities, where we get our sense of belonging and contribute to the general good with the gifts God has given us. I feel it is appropriate to express my appreciation for those who have been so kind to me through all the 'lean years' by giving when asked, and sometimes when not asked.
A woman and her daughter were in front of me at the dollar store and for some reason they could not take her check ( small amount) she started digging in her purse and asked the cashier to cancel some of the items. I pulled out a ten dollar bill and gave it to the cashier, wishing both a " Merry Christmas".
We can't ignore the legitimate needs of those in our communities, and then expect all our needs to be met. It does not work that way. Posted by Picasa


Renee said...

Hey, I remember you. Haven't seen you much since the Blogging Olympics scandal with all the steroids & such.
Thanks for trying to keep me healthy.

Carol said...

I hope he made it on time....and did not come to an abrupt ending...that is a superb shot good camera action...

Barbara said...

Life in a hurry, cool picture

jel said...


BarBarA said...

I saw you in my rear view mirror on the way to work this morning! It's a trip, on clear winter days when there is snow on the mountain I can see it so clearly!!!

Spookie the Warrior said...

Merry CHRISTmas to you.
God bless

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a blur. May I come over for dinner?