Thursday, December 21, 2006

Just what I needed

After you read this go to Minerva's blog and wish her well, she is posting again!
She also could use our prayers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Now todays message. - - -

I had a deleriously wonderful massage yesterday
I have been aquainted with this person ( we will call her Lisa, since that is her name) for quite a while but I did not know she had gone to massage school ( a dream of mine) and become one of the BEST therapists I have ever had lay hands on me.
I let her know that I wanted to learn while she fixed my back, so would she verbalize what she was doing and what the techniques and purposes were for the different motions. I think I might have been the first person to ever get a tour of my own muscles while they were being massaged. It was delightful twice since I was learning and enjoying ( despite the considerable pain) the restoration of my posture.
After two weeks of working "overhead' and on a cement slab, I was really out of line, and had so many tight spots that the one hour massage lasted 90 minutes.

This is my new luxury item: a masaage a month. I think of it as tool care for my body which works hard six days a week. I took most of the rest of the day off, and only took one emergency call to a house with frozen pipes and a frozen toilet. I got them all squared away in an hour and a half and every bladder in the room thanked me.

Today I am back to work, but being careful not to ruin Lisa's restoration. I have some 'after-massage' soreness, but that will pass. I already sent her two more clients, and a card to say thanks and have a Merry Christmas..

God is good - Santa claus is coming to town, and this year, I am ready for him!


Minerva said...

How very kind David and you, of all people, that I know deserve that massage!

Enjoy it hugely and have a wonderful Christmas...


Barbara said...

Merry Christmas! Glad you liked your tune up.

Snaggle Tooth said...

My back is jealous of your back!

Wish I had the extra bux to get me an expert fixer-upper... I sure need one- Sounds well worth it to me. (You're so lucky!)

Hope that work keeps you spry thru all the holiday glee!

Carmi said...

Thank you for the message about Minerva. You're a kind soul and a good friend.

I just visited her, and am praying as we speak.

Renee said...

I have a good friend who is a massuse (sp?) but we also have this place nearby that does massages for $39 per hour. So I'm torn between going to my friend who charges more and going to this place where I don't know the people. And then DH does a pretty good job too for free (well no money.)