Friday, December 01, 2006

over the ( no ) river and through the woods

mom's house
table decoration by Laurel Posted by Picasa


Barbara said...

The table looks beautiful. A feast for the eyes.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That looks mighty lovely, David...Was that the Thanksgiving table? It looks very inviting! And we on the West Coast are still up! (lol)
Here from Michele tonight!

Jennifer said...

It IS a beautiful table! :) Thanks for visiting me and appreciating the marvel that is my sprinkling nephew :)
I was really interested in your ADHD post. So many of the things in that post applied to me. I was diagnosed with depression last summer, and have since been diagnosed with a host of other ailments, including adult ADHD. I feel so lazy sometimes because nothing ever seems to get done, but I am always doing is, however, random and scattered. It's frustrating, and at the same time, a bit of a thrill, since I never know where the day will take me.
I'll come back and visit again! :)

Snaggle Tooth said...

So bright n cheery with the festive colors!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Looks too good to eat! :)