Saturday, December 02, 2006

Breakfast with the boss.

That is me. The boss, but never bossy!
I’m very much enjoying my toasted bagel .
It’s a little bit cold in my room, but the kettle is on the stove, and the fire is burning hot on a beautiful clear Saturday while I plan my day.

Having breakfast at my house is not as easy as it would seem.
After I put the bagel in the toaster and put the water on to a boil I almost immediately began to go upstairs to my computer.
The toaster and the boiling water were out of my mind. I couldn’t believe it myself. That is the way it is for me with ADD, and I am sure that it is the same for many others.
The tea kettle boiled for more than five minutes!
Funny, yes, unless I burn the kitchen down….

I am hosting another TEAM blog which I hope will be a place for prayer encouragement and stories about the Crazy life of people like me, and the ways that God ( forever may His name be praised) gets us through our days. I thank Matt for his generous contributions, to date, and look forward to many more stories. You may email them in to me. I edit very lightly (opr not at all) The new Blog on ADHD
and ADD and depression is coming soon. ( technical difficulties) email me for blog address
or see it on my profile "Great minds"


Shane said...

hey, i do that too with the tea kettle and I don't even have to go upstairs. I think the computer is a good distraction device.

cheers from Michele's

Justin said...

Mmmm...Toasted Bagel. I haven't had a bagel in like 6 months. There is some very good cheesecake cream cheese you should try out sometime.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for fixing it so I can go check out the ADHD blog. I couldn't get to it earlier today...weird!

Anonymous said...
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BarBarA said...

I'm so bummed...I thought this was a post on Bruce showing up in Big Bear. I would have been up that mountain faster that you can say "Born to Run"

Barbara said...

I think the computer needs to be near the tea kettle. I hope your new blog is a great success.

kenju said...

David, maybe you should move your computer down to the kitchen?! Don't burn the house down, please, we would miss you!

Michele sent me.

Rhea said...

So you're your own boss? Lucky devil.