Sunday, December 03, 2006

what if ????

but what if one of these emails that tells me I have won a European Lotto is for real and I delete it? wouldn't that be a hoot!

Making coffee in the morning

water on to boil: check
look for melitta cone filter holder: found
pull mug from dish drain: check, but also wash one tray from freezer, look out window and see cute bird scratching for food, marvel at how much I enjoy his 'dance" and that I am not in a hurry to give up that pleasure for even coffee.
put paper filter into mellita cone: check
Open coffee crock: its empty!
Find bag of beans after checking cupboard, no its still in the fridge.
Look for grinder: not in cabinet one, or two. Aha it is on top of the island, where I left it.
Grind some beans and start the coffee. Pour boiling water.

------------------------- Yay! ( you would think) the coffee is done.
but there is still the bird bath to defrost which turns into a science experiment
(and of course a potential blog post, stay tuned)
it just gets wackier!

I love that you read this drivel. If you want more, it's in the sidebar under "Great minds" where I share the writing with my new pal, Matt.


angel said...

very cool post- i eagerly await the birdbath episode! would you like to hear one of my favourite jokes? many ADHDers does it take to change a lightbulb?
hey- wanna go ride bikes...

David said...