Sunday, September 24, 2006

I need to go to church

I am in a crappy mood.
I just went to Post secrets and their visitor count is 44 million ahead of mine.
I know I am not posting artwork, or terrible secrets of strangers,
I know that there are no gratuitous flashes of body parts here.
Part of being a blogger is wanting to put something of your own out there for other people to experience. We want to be 'almost famous'. This post secret guy is doing it! he has two books and traveling shows and probably a cool place to live. ( mine is cool, YES. that is because I have not turned on the furnace yet. yuk yuk )

Enough already! I like and so do 44 million others. I am over it almost.

In cooking news:
Chicken in the pot for 'chicken zuppa' *
Chocolate cake on the counter from 'father-daughter' baking event.
Plum preserves on the top shelf from my ernest desire to 'out-Martha' Martha Stewart.
I am good at preserves, what can ( pun) I say?

* borrowing italian words from my last completed read: I Know This Much is True,
by Wally Lamb. I am so proud to have read all 897 pages by myself WITHOUT moving my lips!

from the kitchen window, I can see various birds feeding on the seed I spread on the back yard dirt. ( in drought country we call that water efficient landscaping, the Landlord calls it saving money.) One mourning dove was pecking at the dirt finding what she wanted. very alone, and very busy with getting her fill. later there will be dozens of brown cow birds, and sparrows. I cut up chicken for the soup, and cleaned a bit from the mess that results when I make when the cooking/ baking/canning bug hits me. hannah helped, which makes it so much more fun, and
asked; "Do you like making jam? is it sort of a hobby thing?" Yes - that and more! its taking summers abundance and preserving it for the colder months ahead. It takes me all the way back to 1980 when I was still living in the family home on Allott Ave, and had custody of three fruit trees. I learned to can peaches out of neccessity, since there is only so much fruit you can eat or give away. I have worked on it these last five years and developed some skills, and made lots of sweet treats. Most recently, showing my daughter how its done, and that it is really uncomplicated, maybe the sweetest part of all.

After church, I am making eggplant casserole ( I it that for now since I have no recipe and never know what all is going into it) I'll let you know how it turns out.


craziequeen said...

Don't be guilty, David. Finding more popular blogs is an occupational hazard in the blogosphere.

Enjoy your blog, and enjoy postsecret.

Here via Michele


Dawn Falcone said...

Hi.I love all of Wally Lamb's books. I'm from RI & Italian , where his characters live, so it has special meaning to me.

Good luck with the eggplant casserole. And don't stress about your site traffic. It takes time to build it up, just keep at it.

Michele's site is a good way to do it. I was sent here from her.

jettybetty said...

Church almost always helps me--even when I don't want it to ;-).
Hey 44 mil is not that far ahead of you is it???

Killired said...

you're not busy enough david!!!! hey.. don't compare your wealth to the wealth of others. while that other blog may have more visitors, your blog is a lot more personal and interesting. dont go changing your style cause of someone else's! it think... i KNOW you are wonderful just the way you are! i love coming and reading your thoughts! you do such a good job of writing and explaining what is going on in your life!
i went to church this morning... i joined the bell choir and today was our first time playing! it was so much fun and i loved it!!!! our sermon was "do something great"... just be careful what your definition of great is... he spoke about how some of the more popular evangelist all appear to be so great but yet live in million dollar homes and have the best cars... so in perspective, just cause you dont have the #'s that other bloggers do, doesn't mean you aren't great!!!!!!!

plum preserves sounds awesome! i think i told you my mom made peach preserves and so far my boys have gone thru about 5 jars of it... she made them in the small jars and she is going to make some more... but this time, she is going to show me how to do it!!!! i keep trying to get her to make black raspberry but she said the black raspberries are sooooooooo expensive here... so... oh well....

keep at what you're doing david, you ARE great!!!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Church. Always seems to put my mind back at ease... put me in a good mood... makes me want to do good in the world. Church is wonderful.

And so is your blog! I'm here from Michele today and will definitely be back. So there. You count goes up by one more.

And, can I come over for dinner? Chocolate cake and eggplant casserole? yum!

Anonymous said...

Hey, postsecret felt the way you do once. Your day will come!

Here from Michele's!

Fred said...

I'm here. Only 43,999,999 more to go. Hang in there.

Barbara said...

It's hard work to build blog traffic, even with a great blog like yours.

Thanks for your nomination David, I really appreciate it.


david, damnit, go to church already. God's got all kinds of crap plannned for us man! Be excited about that stuff!!!!! heeeellllll yea!!!!!!

Ephesians 2...Turns out God made us his masterpieces. Can a Masterpiece created by God be anything but a masterpiece? Come on now. Get your Jesus on today.

oh yea and for goodness sakes, What is sugarloaf mountain?

Anonymous said...

and then there is this site:


Thanks for stopping by. Been a while:) I don't remember my comments being off, unless it was something I write about my sister and then I usually turn them off just because I am not there yet. I feel like that is too much mine to share. Im still protective over her like that, is that weird or what?

C said...

I think you have more than the dot com you mentioned. Your daughter is your audience.