Monday, September 25, 2006

fall colors

Pardon my obvious bias
I am thinking that God, when in all His wisdom, created poplars, aspens and oaks, He wanted them to do more than drop their leaves to signal the fall. I have this silly notion that making maples and birches and a thousand other trees was easy for the Lord, and so he showed off just a bit by making them color changing, just for those who would see and apreciate.
For readers who miss the spectacle of Fall colors, get thee to the mountains or the north woods and check out God, His love for us, and His infinite wisdom.

I am going to take a blog vacation: probably a week
I think my bible has some passages that I need to reread.
My personal Journal needs some attention, and then there is always work.
(I have a terrific tile job, but without my helper, pray for Gary's injured back.)
I know I will be back, and maybe better than ever.
Stay tuned for the new re-grand opening of the highly improved, Larger - economy sized- Sugarloaf Mountain.
In the meantime please dig in the archives, there are a few gems there.
comments welcome, but I don't think I will be publishing them during this time.


Snaggle Tooth said...

Have a good vaca!
I've been to the mountains, maybe I'll return there for a glance next week. Haven't seen aspens in ages, thanks for the pic.
I'll miss ya-

C said...

Oh sigh. I think your post is in tandem with mine today - God's miracles are there even when we think they are not.

mar said...

That's a great picture, David. You deserve your break, but don't let it be too long! :)

Mama Duck said...

Beautiful leaves. I wish we had the change of seasons down here, I miss that!! Here from Wendy's today, hope you are enjoying your break.


I was thinking just the other day of going to look at the fall leaves. I don't think I have seen...or at least noticed any...yet. I should take some pictures this year....and probably blog the pictures.

I came to visit you again via Wendy's blog.

Uisce said...

What a beautiful picture! The leaves are putting on their game face around here. Leaf peeping is a big part of what we're about.