Friday, September 29, 2006

red wing blackbird (enlarge)

I am very stealthy,
or it is very dead.

Happy friday friends

off to drive mom toward LA
and continue working on the project that never ends ( no NOT paying down the credit card, haha!)
Update: the friday drive was a bit beastly and I kept wishing I had a gun. Mom thought that it was unkind of me to want to shoot the other drivers, whereas I see it just as traffic control. If you keep letting new people ( code word for recent immigrants) onto the freeway you must also get rid of some of the current freeway users. Permanently! hahahaahaha Posted by Picasa


Jayleigh said...

HOW DID YOU GET SO CLOSE??? This is awesome!


I have been known to take pictures of dead animals once in a while. I have known a lot of artists who have too. I like red-winged blackbirds a lot...beautiful.

Visiting from Wendy's blog :-)

jen said...

poor bird
I love the photo of the autumn leaves
"Wendy directed me here today"

Hannah♥ said...

Dad, honestly.
why on earth do you insist on playing with dead animals??
i don't understand it.
You're like Lennie from Of Mice And Men, only unlike him you don't put them in your pocket. Right?

mar said...

I like the feathers...
how was LA??

Francine said...

David, I am so glad I discovered your blog. Your photos are awesome, especially the autumn leaves. Here in the high desert we only have a sprinkling of color. I'm looking forward to your return but "economy" ... hope that doesn't mean you'll eliminate the photos.
Just awesome.

Diane said...

That's a picture of a bird? Gosh, where's my brain!?

Snaggle Tooth said...

I bet n hope you were very careful! (You've heard of the bird-flu, right?) Did ya send it to the Lab for testing?
Hope Mom got where she needed to be Ok without too many people getting removed permanently from the freeway...!

Anonymous said...

What a shot (dead or alive!)...beautiful. Hope you have a great weekend.

Here from Michele's!