Sunday, April 22, 2007

Georgia on my mind ( rerun)

I once loved a woman named Georgia
she was different, so battered by life
So absolutely devastated by the series of losses
that God had laid upon her tiny frame.
It was all she could do to make her way to my home to help me restore some order to the choas than bachelorhood had wrought there. Help she did, and with a heart of love and a song in her mouth, she cleaned my house, did my dishes, and left behind a place that was more liveable when she was done. Who would not love such a soul, such a bright spirit in this dark world. I still have her number stored in my cell phone, though I don't know if it would ring now, if I dialed it, years after she last worked her magic in my home. So I will thank her here. Georgia, you are on my mind, sister. May God give to you a hundred times what the enemy has tried to steal. Shalom my friend, peace from on high.