Sunday, June 18, 2006

waxing poetic

My feet - by Henry Gibson.

My feet are neat
I really think so

to have a pair
to carry me here
and there

Size thirteen
what ever does that mean?
Now clean
Bathed in parafin

Hard work they do
carrying tools and boards, concrete, rocks
and my 200# too Posted by Picasa


Carmi said...

You were right: it IS a weird picture. But really compelling. The texture absolutely gets me.

Congrats on reaching this milestone. How lucky we are that you continue to crank out the hits. Keep 'em coming.

Courtney said...

Here via Michele today.

David said...

sory carmi - my 200# refers to the weigh my feet must carry even before I pick up a pile of boards. hehe
but I am nearing 10,000 visits thanks to Bloggers like you! and Michele.

Bar said...

mmmm, parafin feels so good on tired feet.

TNChick said...

Maybe I should wax my feet. Hmm