Saturday, June 17, 2006

Early on a saturday I sit and write

I was able to finish two significant Jobs ( contracts) yesterday
and the feeling was so good that I went on to work on the
"bomb shelter" shed until just before dark, way after sunset,
when the air is perfect and still, the cooling effect of the high altitude takes effect
and Life is just plain good. I call it a bomb shelter because of its concrete slab foundation and extra sturdy roof. Since it is located on the north side ( shady) of this house we expect it to carry a lot of snow and ice. Its built well.

Now I can get back to another job that I had to 'back burner' this week.
a large fence project that encloses a lot that some clients have purchased next to their cabin.
by Sunday I should be ready to decide to buy or not buy a project sailboat needing much woodwork / varnish. I need a hobby, and something to do besides work. I am just not sure this is the boat to start my sailing up again. Its made by Shock, a 14 footer, on a trailer, so I could take it anywhere, though my own lake is an excellent sailing lake.

For now I am reading my novels, making coffee and enjoying a fresh donut.

Life is just plain, or maybe glazed, GOOD , with occasional Jelly squirting in my face.


utenzi said...

It sounds like you have the bull by the horns, David. I'm afraid life leads me more than I lead life. I think you have a much better grasp on how to live.

The sailboat sounds like a HUGE amount of work but if you have the time it would be quite rewarding. I need to play with some concrete this summer and build a foundation for a new shed. My current one is on its last legs and I'd like to build a new one this winter.

utenzi said...

Oops! Michele sent me to your mountain, David.

Valerie said...

Wow David sounds like you have been and will be a busy man. Enjoy your weekend, Michele sent me today.

phoenix said...

The sailboat sounds like something you really want to do, so if it is affordable and can be "fixed" up, then why not? You can always sell or trade up once you make it beautiful (as I know you will do).

As I was always told "Think long, think wrong". Take the chance and enjoy it while you have it. :)


David said...

we rigged the sailboat, it has a broken mast, but a good sail, and will need a lot of new stainless wires - but I dare say I can handle that - its a LIDO 14
racing stuff, ma man!! woo hoo

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Here from Michele today...
What is the "bomb sgelter" asctually going to be?

Carmi said...

Sounds idyllic. I say go for the sailboat and enjoy's too short to wonder whether we could have or should have.

I learned to sail on Lasers. It's something I'd do again in a heartbeat if I had the time.

phoenix said...

wahooooo, I am so glad it is working out for you! I can see the joy in your words... see! I told you smiles would come from this!

Miss Cow is a Cow said...

Hello Michele sent me!

David said...

mm it was plain good and glazed and sprinkles on top!
I am right on the verge of buying that boat, maybe tmo - but then come the work to restore it, and then the fun of sailing it, Yeah Baby!
Old lady of the hills, its a shed that will hold firewood and maybe some garden tools. 10 feet wide, six feet deep and 8 feet tall.

I just ate so much Italian food I am feeling uncomfortable and tired. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

*T* said...

I always love a good glazed donut!! And the sailboat sounds awesome!!!!

Michele sent me!

utenzi said...

Michele sent me again, David.

Phoenix makes a good point. Often the decisions I labor over and think and rethink are the ones I regret later. You'd think it'd be the rash by the seat of my pants decisions I'd regret, but that's not usually how it works out. Odd.

Congratulations on the purchase, David. I hope you post pictures as you work on it. Projects like your sailboat are so rewarding!