Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shrink for a day???


Phoenix has given me a kernel of an idea for a blog visiting game.
I want to invite people to analyze me.
( this may not work) this could be fun
I could give you my letter / life situation and you could go all Freud or Jung on me
make it up, put in in rhyme, do Iambic pentameter if you are that limber

I dont care how good your analysis is - just how funny your writing is.

I need comments - real ones, will you take a few minutes to help a sick friend?
or make me worse, or make me laugh?

Thanks Phoenix! your previous work puts you at the head of the line of shrinkologists in training. I know the hundreds of people who benefit from this excercise will that you some day. Maybe we will even name my condition after you.

test scenario one: I want to honk at almost everyone on the road for little reason. "Doctor, why am I so horn- y? "


phoenix said...

Phoenung? Freunix? OMG LMAO!!

There once was a man named Dave...
oops! Wrong versage! ;-)

Horns blowing in the
Wind brings to mind playful winks
and smiles from strangers.

Oh what the heck *wink*

There once was a man named Dave,
Who felt a strange compulsion to wave,
He asked us readers a question,
A rather off seated session,
But me thinks it is a closer union he craves!

hehehe You got me going now!! Look out world, the phoenator is on the loose!

TNChick said...

I want to honk at people, too - because it's fun and people think I'm crazy. It certainly isn't because I'm horny because.... Well - I am, but that isn't why I honk. hehe

Snaggle Tooth said...

One nickle, please, *Clink!* Thankyou,
Every one needs to toot their own horn every now n then. It's natural to need to be noticed n more importantly acknowledged by others.
Were you often honked at as a child? Was your Mom a honker? Did stangers honk at you thinking you were some one else they knew? Hmmmm?
I Think it must be so...
I recommend disconnecting the horn for a trial period, say a week. Instead, roll down the car window, smile at the person, wave n just say "Hi!".
See, no harm, no foul. Nice to friend or stranger, no offense taken.
I'd like to set up another appointment for you at the beginning of next week, to see how the trial period is progressing... How about Tuesday again?