Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Dr. is in ( session two)

ok Line up and get out your notepads and your amatuer
Psychology theroems, here is another opportunity
to "figure out a fellow blogger"

I hate my teeth, even though I appreciate how they help me eat.
I do not take care of them, and would like to have the worst ones pulled
and an upper set of dentures made, following my fathers lead.
I miss being able to smile :-) and will now spend a LOT
to get it back.
having bad teeth bites! will having none ( upper) suck? or be an improvement

No dental advice, just work on my warp drive!

See below if you want an easier assignment and be sure to read phoenix's poem


phoenix said...

Your smile is the first thing people see and remember. It is the smile that at times can attract the oposite sex. It is only natural to want make sure your most memorable asset is beautiful.

Personally, it is the eyes and the smile that can make or break a new relationship. With that said, I hate my smile as well. I still have all but one of the teeth God gave me with no cavities, but they are crooked.

I think that if you want to impress that significant person, the dental work would be worth it.

Eyes that smile along with a beautiful toothy grin and I melt!

A sweet-toothed man from DeBreeth
Was sweet-toothed without any teeth.
He said, in my eye,
"Looketh good, that there pie.
Now, could I jutht have one thmall peeth?"

Snaggle Tooth said...

I suggest to try Looking-up a dental-dude(ette) who does "Val-plast" partial bridges, cause they're the cheaper way to go (hundreds instead of thousands).

I don't know the answer to the main question...

David said...

thanks to snaggle and phoenix for the views and the verse