Tuesday, January 10, 2006

so tired, a huge visitor, blogmania

im falling asleep at my keyboard
having given in to the lure of a second beer
rather than "getting Stuff done"

My fine son Oren is coming up for a day or two
after having gifted the east coast side of the family
( we call them retards) with his presence for Christmas and new years.
It will be great to see him.
He is the one who introduced me to blogging
and unleashed me on YOU.

im joining a web ring
if the super secret swearing in ceremony goes well
I may have one more reader of my site
( thanks mom!)
if it goes badly all my posts will be sucked into a cyber worm hole and enjoyed by Klingons, and other such riff raff.
did I mention I was tired?


Jayleigh said...

What about the Worm Hole aliens? They are non-corporeal beings, but don't they still have the ability to kill your blog if it gets sucked in?


Snaggle Tooth said...

Hi, retard here. I've been zzz deprived all week myself. Still afraid of joining anything resembling a cult...

Oren Schmidt said...

who is retarded? me or the horton's or eastcoasters?