Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the world has gone insane

and I am the last normal person left - besides you, of course, and you are not looking too good
oh yes - thanks to my many readers who pushed me over 5000 visits last week
I am getting about 900 per month, and hope to grow that so teach your
five year old's how to make me their home page.


lady_wisdom said...

LOL. What is normal, really?

David said...

now we see the risk of allowing comments. I was on a site this morning that had no place for me to comment. she said trolls were after her. I said nothing because i was not allowed to but i will not go back there.
This is weird - if you spell normal backwards, you get lamron!! whoah freaky!

UltimateWriter said...

it's not even worth the effort to define normal anymore. it may be better to just be who you are and as long as you're not physically hurting anyone, continue on your path and the heck with what anyone else says about you. March on!

Shelley said...

Well...I don't have any 5 year old's...or any other year old's either...

So, how come you get 900 visits a month? What's a girl to do to up her visitor/commenter count eh?

Jayleigh said...

Really. 900/month? Ok Sparky Anderson... you are getting about 500 more than me per month. Sheesh.

Why is it that you always feel like I'm ahead of you?

utenzi said...

We started our blogs at the same time, April 2005, and we get about the same traffic, David. And we have the same name too!

30 a day is pretty good for a regular blog. I get 150 on some days but most of that is from Blog Explosion and they're not reading the posts--just cruising blogs while playing contests--so they don't count.

Speaking of games, thanks for playing with that red button on my blog, David.

David said...

Utenzi has a cool red button on his blog! its worth a visit.

Snaggle Tooth said...

"T" has banners on her blog that increase traffic, http://mytstop.blogspot.com/
if ya wanna check it out.
I just don't want ads n more to load on mine though... still haven't broken down to get a hit-o-meter or hit-map either.

I'm so un-commercial

I think blogs aren't any fun with out the new level commentz bring ya to...- "normal" has ceased to exist until further notice- (that's a t-shirt I made last year)