Sunday, January 22, 2006

off to church

and praying for good weather for the first ever BLOG OLYMPICS!

I am in shape - for a handicapped guy
and in tune for someone who has little hearing left
and my fingers can barely type from all the chapping
related to my recent Slate setting marathon.

But I am ready to RUMBLE!!!!

Thank you Barbara, for designing a newer, faster and cuter blog template
for me to race in. I love it in here!!

all you watchers need to cheer real loud in the comments section, please!

I just got a spam on something I published on July 9th
whis is my son Oren's birthday. here is a link
if you were not reading my blog then, I understand, you may read it now! Happy day everybody!
I am off to eat some chicken, in preparation for the opening event tonight!


Alice said...

Good luck, David. I'll check in often.

mar said...

Just checked it out, sounds like a great idea! you begin in 6 hours, when I have 2 hours left to get up...I will follow this. Michele sent me!

Bar Bar A said...

I just saw that one of the prizes is your homemade preserves! YUM, what flavors?

Anonymous said...

Blog Olympics eh? What a cool idea!


Minerva said...

Just came over from Barbara's ...You know..looking at the competition...*grin*

And they are your preserves? How delicious!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good luck!

Shane said...

blog olympics? dunno
i'll have to check it out.
~michele sent me back here.

Killired said...

dave... you crack me up... you are so funny! i enjoy visiting your blog...

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Blog Olympics? sounds interesting...
Michele sent me today, nice to meet you David.

Anonymous said...

Go David Go!

Jodes said...

good luck

Joe said...

Yea David!