Monday, January 23, 2006

little things BIG THINGS

( I just wrote the title and I have no idea what follows)

Coffee is a Big thing, the little things surround it, like strength of brew and what sort of creamer you add.

It's a little thing to say " I love you" and a Big Deal to really mean it and have your message reach another heart.

Being sane on any given day is a series of small things: getting proper nutrition, good sleep habits, staying within your abilities and area of responsibility, and not having teenagers.
Being mentally sound is a big thing, and I personally want nothing to do with it.

I said to myself just this morning, "What if I gave up all the quirky behaviors and eliminated the strange thought patterns that aggravate my potential mates and cause my family to tilt their heads to the side like that guy on Law and Order: criminal intent?"
If I could "scrub" my weirdness away in the shower today (and not run out of hot water), what would be left?
Would others like me more?
Would someone want to take me home with them?
Would I make more money?
None of those is as important as, "Would I still be me?"
and that pales in comparison to the greatest of questions.
What does God think of me?
Does He love and accept me?
Has he forgiven me for all my weirdness, and all my acts that rejected His deep love and specific revelation to me?
The answer I get is "Yes God loves me beyond my ability to understand love, beyond my
capacity to receive, and seemingly above human reasoning, and most certainly without the wavering that all human love is known for.

That my friends and dear readers, is a BIG THING!

Thank you, Lord!


Running2Ks said...

You say weird, I say unique :)

Joyce said...

A very big thing! First He made us, then, with His own Blood He bought us--there is no greater love than that!!