Monday, January 23, 2006

Opening ceremonies

The ceremonial opening of the First ever BLOGOlympics was so beautiful
catch Lazy Daisy's commentary here.

This idea is such genius that I am sure it will spin off a dozen more BLOGO events

I am thinking of BLOGO summer camp up here in Big Bear in June or July
BLOGO vacation bible school.
BLOGO travel packages ( no suitcases!)

feed me your ideas, Olympians! and see you tonight for round 2


Darlene said...

I've seen a few bloggers that joined this olympics. It must be a popular thing. Good luck.

Running2Ks said...

I love this Olympics idea!

Killired said...

oh im so excited to be there again tonight... i can hardly wait! went and worked out today so im stretched and ready to type!
i'll be the one wearing pink so say hi if you see me!!!!

Joan said...

What a delightful idea! Maybe I'll participate next year. Good luck to you as you vie for the prize!

Trinity13 said...

I too think it's a great idea! What a great time!!!

Btw, thanks for stoppin by my blog!

Alice said...

I loved Lazy Daisy's description of the Opening Ceremony. I wish I could have seen it live. Any chance of a video?

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Dave, Lazy Daisy here! Thought I would be the color commentator for the blog Olympics...Since I've already have your confession about our first scandal I thought I would do an in depth interview with you follow up. Want to play along?

How were you approached to transferr funds from this Nigerian account? Use code names to spice it up?

Is this a Nigerian conspiracy to take over blog nomination?

How much of an entry fee did you pay?

Do you have recorded conversations with the Blog Olympic Committe backing up your claims of a bribe?

Did you offer to furnish any questions or were you given the questions ahead of time?

The wilder the story the better. As Mark Twain would say, "Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story!"

Thanks for your wild crazy imagination.....must be all that fresh air huh?

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I love the Bloggo Bible camp.

What about Bloggo salvation station, book club, or Church or snyagogue, or Kaballah group, aka. Berg!

Joe said...

I had to work. I missed the opening ceremonies!

Killired said...

i think Blogo Bowling would be a big hit as well.

Laurie said...

It was fun! Looking forward to round two!

(I thought that I had until 10pm today, not 10am, so I was a little late - oops!)

Veronika said...

Great idea! Will your Neeeeigh bor give any rides?