Friday, December 30, 2005

Tis the season to overspend on auto repairs

I just remembered what I hate about cars:
I can't afford them.
The one I have now was gifted to me
and I am glad to have it -BUT
in its first trip to the car doctor for an alignment
which could have been $60.00
it required ball joints and cam bolts that added a nifty
I felt obligated to align the front to protect the NEW set of tires I just put on
and got a heck of a deal on.
New tires seemed like a good idea since we are expecting rain
( and maybe snow)
Since I did not have the money for all these great
new front end parts, but I do have a face that is trustworthy, I now
have a bill I get to pay next week after I get off my pumpkin pie soaked rear
and do some of the work that has been waiting for me.

The cars hate me because I hate them.
I kill them part by part till they run no more or won't pass state smog inspections
I am a junk yard waiting to happen.
never mind
I am a junk yard, minus the barking dog!
Someone just shoot me.


jettybetty said...

I won't shoot you, but I might commiserate with you--we've had 4 cars in the shop this week (there are 5 of us that drive!). We have 2 gifted cars--and as nice as they are to have--they have not been free!

mreddie said...

Commiseration from here as well. Just before Christmas the front brakes had to be done on the car. Two days later the starter went out. The wife gave me the brakes for Christmas and I gave her the starter. Of the two of us, I was the bigger spender. :) ec

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your support. I just wanted to tell you that.

Shelley said...

Yeah...I don't like the prices of car parts, car inspections, gas, insurance...I don't have a car anymore though. I had to get rid of it when I started back to school 4 years ago because I no longer worked and didn't have the money to pay for all those things. I like that part, but I hate not having a car...

Snaggle Tooth said...

Don't feel bad. I've had at least 7 "junk cars" n even wrote a song about it a few years back...
One, after 5 years actually had the seat break through the floor n when I got home I realised only the brass brake line was holdin my butt 4 inches off the road!
That, is good luck, to have lived, n got home!
Ah, but the living have to suffer to amuse the demons who are PO'd we're still good...

My little dented truck only needs brakes n bearins ... n alotta luck to let me get to where I can earn the dough to do it!

I only shoot people with water guns... swishppptt!

Veronika said...

I agree with you, Mountian Man. I promised myself that the next time my Jimmy broke down, I was going to leave it right there and walk on! Unfortunately, I've put too much money into it in the last few years to just leave it.

Carol said...

Nah, you are "poetry in motion", David. Or you will be once your care is working.

Carol said...

Oh and a reminder David to make band this week. There is special year end marathon in progress.

Beanhead said...

Oh sorry about the car problems. I just had to replace my cv joints so I know your pain. Here from Michele's

Courtney said...

Hey, Happy New Year! Forget the car for a day.
Michele sent me.

Jayleigh said...

You wrote an amazing post back in the summer about cars and the various reasons they choose not to start.


God bless you, my dear friend. Happy New Year!

And thanks again for your encouraging comments today on my blog. You hit the nail on the head and also thanks for going to Anne's site and asking if there was anyone cooler than me. You know how to make a girl smile, that's for sure.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I treat my cars the same way --

Chelein[dot]la said...

Hello, Michele sent me.
So I thought I would get on the car band wagon..
Since having to put a new engine in the old square volvo the day after Thanksgiving..
Cars uggggggg

Julie said...

I am here from Michele's site and I too hate cars! :) Nothing but problems really...


craziequeen said...

Poor David :-(

Lucky me, setting up home with a mechanical engineer :-)
Saves me a fortune in labour.... :-)

Here via Michele's

blackbird said...

Coincidentally, our old truck is in the shop too...because the week after christmas is precisely when we want to pay...drumroll...$1000 for our 1992 Ford to remain drivable.
Oh, wait, that's if it passes emissions inspection.

I feel for you.

Joyce said...

Ok, I'm feeling blessed now because our vehicles are in fine running condition. But I have also been on the other end in the past.

*rats* - that's my usual expression of frustration, so I'll share it here with you!

Blessings to you, blog friend.

sister celtic said...



Juggling Mother said...

We sold the second car last year to save money, leaving me car-less (Aggie has it for work). It takes more time to do stuff, and some places are not accessable, but in many ways I feel much better:

I'm being more environmentally friendly
I'm saving a fortune
I get less stressed
I cycle more
I go out more
I see more when I am out
I talk to more people
The kids are learning a better lifestyle
I don't have to worry about it breaking down all the time!

Having said that, I've never been gifted a car - I'd certainly not turn one down if offered;-) But there are times when you should just cut your losses!

if I see your brother I'll be sure to buy him a pint, of course.

Happy New Year to you.