Saturday, November 26, 2005

a perfect holiday story

I love this season when people are hustling and bustling to get all their Christmas gifts, completely forgetting what the season is about and that they are even human. They moo like cows as they herd themselves into stores before dawn, to be slaughtered by cheap Chinese manufactured goods that will prove themselves cheap in less than the time it takes to pay off the credit card used to purchase them.
I watch in utter disbelief as fools fight for things on a Friday that they could buy any other day of the year.
I am ashamed of my race when I see that having, getting, wanting are their deepest instincts.
There are not words to describe how ignorant and 'jack-ass' foolish Americans have become.

I may give up on Christmas all together, as it represents so little of Christ the Lord, and so much of the Dollar as King! It is not about the love of God and Peace on earth through knowing Him. It is about buying or stealing more crap that we do not need to make one day feel special, and then the rest of the year, lives of hopeless empty desperation.
So my 'officer of the year' award goes to Officer Avie Ownby who pepper-sprayed a pack of Walmart shoppers in Beaumont Tx. He did right! These people need a good slap in the face to wake up and smell the reality that their humanity has been traded for a pot of shiny beads. America has lost its soul and replaced it with a strand of tinsel which will never cover its shameful nakedness.


Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

The true meaning of Christmas was probably lost a few decades ago when consumerism became the rage of the day.
But I still refuse to get negative about Christmas. For me, it's more about family and friends, getting together and having a good time.
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YellowRose said...

I agree...I stayed home, in the safety of my home! They showed on the news a stampede at one poor woman was trampled and she lost her wig! Poor thing!

We must remember the Reason for the Season!

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Carol said...

You realize that Christmas and the date of Jesus' birth is never mentioned in the Bible? Christmas is a man made idea which may be nice but not one God asked for.
Michele sent me. You have an interesting site.

Kat said...

Hello, Michele sent me!

I hadn't heard about that officer, but good for him. I am always in disbelief when I hear stories about people trampling other people in the process of buying Christmas presents. The entire humanitarian aspect of gift-giving has totally gone out the window in this age of commercialism. Worst case scenario, your kid doesn't get the toy he or she wanted--I'm pretty sure that's not what the holiday is supposed to be about in the first place.

rashbre said...

Thanks for dropping by earlier today. I also want to stay positive about Christmas and keep more in touch with the joy than with the craziness.


sophie said...

When people asked me if I were shopping yesterday, I was glad to say I was working instead. A much better place for me to be. It is disappointing how people act about the shopping. I simply choose to spend time with people who know what is really important.

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Juggling Mother said...

Christmas & Jesus' birth date are a good few months apart, as he was born while the shepherds were watching the lambs - born in March/April in Palestine!

The modern festival is what you make it. To us it's about having time together as a family, cheering up the house with decorations & giving small gifts to help us through the winter.

We only give gifts to the children in the family, and they only get one each (with a set price limit). we specifically avoid shopping in any major stores/towns between 1st november & 1 february!

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curious servant said...

People are stained with self-centeredness. They feel that they can only be somebody by having the right things, or by being recognized as being important, or getting some privilege that sets them apart.

It is all about wanting to be loved, wanting to be told we are worth something. We beat our chests and hoot and grunt and fling feces if we do not feel honored.

Ironicly we often reject the only one who loves us no matter what is parked in our garage our is wrapped under the tree.

Joe said...

You reflect the feelings of many of us who yearn for the world to know the REAL meaning of Christmas. We just need to keep telling them in the hopes that some day they will listen.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me to see you, David. It's been over a month since I was here last!

Mooooo! Actually I never go out on Black Friday but I'm fascinated by sales. I just hate crowds. Since I have a small family I don't have that huge Christmas shopping experience that so many people indulge in.

phoenix said...

How sad is it that it is now referred to as "Black Friday"? Oh my... I stayed home the entire day. I couldn't face even going to the convenience store!

Hope your Thanksgiving was the best!

craziequeen said...

I have a posting on Christmas commercialism on my blog - diferent country, same thoughts.

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Juggling Mother said...

Fortunately we don't have ablack Friday here in the UK - but you see the same behaviour in the New Year Sales.

I don't get it personally. Stuff just isn't that important!

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craziequeen said...

I don't do sales - I don't agree with the whole 'sale' ethos. Why not just reduce prices, period, and give Joe Consumer a break.....

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Jayleigh said...

David, I have to confess that I went out, but 1. I didn't spend money on credit. and 2. I didn't act like a jerk.

I hope that restores a modicum of your faith in humanity. lol

I so hate when it seems that all Christmas is about is the commercial crap. Your post hits the nail on the head, my friend.

You rock.

Sandy said...

Here via Michele's.

I despise shopping during the holiday season because it becomes so much of a scratch and clawfest.

But, that said, what others do with their December is their loss. As for me and mine, we keep our eye on the "big" prize.

WendyWings said...

I have never witnessed anything like that here, although we are still consumers that whole smash and grab sale mentality doesn't really exist in New Zealand.

Texasgal said...

Pepper spray? Gosh, I guess I'm glad I missed that trip. I have only bought paint brushes recently. Hope I can paint some nice presents otherwise I am sunk.