Sunday, November 27, 2005

Riding Oren home

Why go to Barstow three times in one day?
I guess because it is so beautiful, and full of interesting tourist attractions.
or becasue you are lost or at least your mind is lost.

How did Oren get home? I am thankful for the trucker who picked him up at Kramer junction
and drove him to Bakersfield. Bless you, truck driver man!
God bless also the pimp and ho who drove him to the train station.
a big shout out to his friend Jen who drove half the night to get him and
bring him home. Friends like that are pure gold!

the author is not feeling well, so he may take some time off
please read the archives, for better writing during happier days.

Big news: I watched TV news Monday night, I must have forgotten there was football on, the news was mostly bad. Sory for the folks in the plains who are getting lashed by these Blizzards.
I know nothing of blizzards, but I have run off into a ditch nonetheless.


Nettie said...

I could whine back.

Joe said...

I will stay tuned as soon as I figure out the frequency.

lady_wisdom said...

Want some cheese for that whine?

Me said...

Oh dear.. and now I'm giving you something to really whine about.. don't hate me too much..

But you're tagged.

Jayleigh said...

You are the biggest stealer wheeler!