Friday, November 25, 2005

Oren cracked up!

This glove is an orphan, no brother or sister. It has been laying around.
so yesterday I am wearing it and Oren says, "what's with the glove?" I said, "I wear it when I blog"
He thought that was the most hilarious thing.
it's good when I can make them laugh. Thanks, Dawn, for appreciating my Faux marble walls. still some veins to add and some kind of color wash over the whole thing. Black veins and a gold wash? white veins we shall see. stay tuned for "As the walls turn" Posted by Picasa


Shelley said...

Maybe you could have said "As The Walls Vein"...hehehe

Marcia said...

Ha. I had a random pair of sunglasses at my house after a small party - and, I called everyone that was there, waited two weeks, then declared the sunglasses mine and started wearing them. They were cheap little target ones, and I actually made a hell of an effort to find the true owners... and so I didn't feel badly claiming them as mine. Besides, it was really sunny out, and I needed some sunglasses!

but... your lonely glove story reminded me of that.

Michele sent me!

margalit said...

I see, you're channeling Michael Jackson with only one glove, right?


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

David, can you type with that glove on???? (lol) If you can, you are a wizard! Can't wait to see the finished wall, after it has 'turned'!

Oren Schmidt said...

Use the power of the glove for good, not evil. With great glove comes great responsibility.

Kat said...

That's hilarious!

Good use of a glove that has lost its match!

Michele sent me.