Saturday, October 08, 2005

Two fer da price a one

Two dvd reviews for the same low price

BEST IN SHOW: a movie about dogs, but they threw in some
very tasteless people that screwed up the plot and the dialog
WHO LETS THE DOGS OUT? WOOF woff woof wooof

Giving it a three on a scale of 7.847

Edward Scissorhands
a fable of love and the clash of cultures
a tale of status quo versus the surge of changing times
a terrible waste of Winona ryder and Johhny depp.
but since Netflix sent it I watched it
and talked online with a lovely person through much of it
but - it had good music. rah Rah
I give it a four and a half of nine possible stars.

(oh dear God let me die before I have to review corpse bride)

good night New York, Good night Newfoundland,
Good night and happy spring New Zealand,


pia said...

thanks for visitng my site. sorry if you had a hard time posting a message on my chatterbox. i'll be visiting your site again. God bless.

Stephen Newton said...

Apprciate your comments, David.


BeckEye said...

Edward Scissorhands is a great movie. And I liked Best in Show! Thought it was pretty witty.

Jayleigh said...

Loving the movie reviews, Friend.