Sunday, October 09, 2005

Making Readers stop and turn pages

turn pages,
open archives.
Good reader, sit, stay!

**************** lesson over *************************

You know I love you are I would not be so direct.

here is my "david story' for the day

I opened and envelope the other day
it was in a car I cleaned out when my son Jared went to college.
The postmark was june 29,2005
Three months it sat in the car.
it was mailed from Canada, hmm interesting
surely not from a collection agency.

In the envelope a single sheet of paper with my name and address
which showed through the window.
inside the folds of the paper, a check.

A check for $4462.46 payable to me
from Kearny Federal Savings in Kearny, New Jersey

this caused a ripple of interest from me
I looked hard at it - and had to conclude that it was not real because only one person owes me that much money and he sure isn't paying it ( slime scuzzball and worthless cheat that he is) .

It was from one of my Nigerian scammer people.
See how I dis them?
they send me a fake check and I completely
forget it is coming and throw it on the floor of the car
when it comes. I should find this guy and apologize
or punch him in the nose!


Joe said...

Personally I think you should opt for the punch in the love, of course.

Jayleigh said...

Deude! Remember when we said we'd split any lottery winnings? Well pony up! ;-)

Texasgal said...

hmm...I've never actually recieved a letter from my fake scammer people. I just ignore them to begin with....