Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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Jayleigh said...

Wow! You sound amazingly like my sister's boyfriend, who's lived his entire life in California. Huh. Who'd have thunk?

:-) What a nice friend I have in you.

btw I got a bunch of yarn today. TONS! Way more than I planned.

Emily said...

1. Wow, I've been trying forever to use audio blogger but whenever I call the line is busy.

2. To have site meter stop counting your visits after you log in to site meter click on MANAGER (it is in the green bar across the top) then click on IGNORE VISITS (it is located along the left hand side. Then you just click the button in the middle of the page. That should do it.

3. I don't think that people in MI have accents; then again I've lived here my whole life. When I was in NYC last winter I was told that you could tell I was from the Mid West.

David said...

Yah - vee californeeuns are all startin to sound mile a norveegian version uh De terminator. I wonder if dot thinks so, also?
Yay for Yarn! oh BTW didja buy a new truck to Haul the TONS of yarn. What weighs more a pound of flesh or a pound of feathers?
Emily, you are so helpful thank you,
I hope you can get through to audio blogger soon, but have a script ready so you don't sound like a deer in the headlights, like I did.
I promise to do better, next time. Maybe I will do my Cheech and Chong routine ( but its a little rusty)
Peace to all who pass by, unless you are one of the guys trying to blow us up, in that case, go to hell!

Nessa said...

heehee - nice voice ya got there!