Monday, October 03, 2005

Time online - so much to experience

I spent a few minutes this evening talking to CJ in New Zealand.
while I looked at an album of photos of the country.
It was so cool!
How sad that so much of the internet is a wasteland of junk, porn and spam.
How terrific to find people all over who are interesting, talented, and not trying to sell me something ( other than cookware).
I just learned how to use sitemeter and highly recommend it to all
if you want to know who visits, and where your readers are coming from.
The guy who logs on to my page most of all is in my home town,
now isn't that curious, its such a small world we live in. Hmmm?

anyway _ I am so glad to connect with - and hopefully to entertain
some of you and of sourse to do the rest no harm.
i will be back to my crazy stories very soon
I am just happy to feel the warmth of our blogging world.
I could even hug a whiny college kid now. ( maybe)


Anonymous said...
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Bud Wiser said...
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Jayleigh said...

Um. David. So THAT's why you were nowhere to be found last night! ;-)

Oh well. I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Now it will be someone else as superwoman.


Isn't CJ the coolest? Well I think she is. I started reading her archives last night and I hope to do some more reading today. Yippie!

Have a most wonderful day, my little blogging buddy!

Darlene said...

This blogging world seems warmer than the rest of cyber space. I find it's such a small world though. I have seen Jayleigh everywhere I go, and there are others that I always seem to run into. It's nice meeting you David.

David said...

psst darlene, I think Jayleigh may be a compulsive commentor!

Jayleigh said...

Well I kind of see Darlene everywhere I go, too! :-) And of course David, the blogger who stalks.


just a gay girl said...

Thanks for venturing over to my little blog. I wish you the good fortune and blessings we've had since our hurricane scare. It's a long time until November 30, so I haven't heaved a sigh of relief just yet. The fires are terrifying, as well. I can't even imagine..

I enjoyed perusing your blog! I'll definitely bookmark you! Take care and be well!

rendesvouz said...

i really genuinely appreciate your interest in my blog, but im not really looking to meet new people on this thing. youre welcome to keep reading; the whole point of it is kinda to not have anyone else be able to understand it.

Emily said...

I too enjoy site meter, I love telling people that I have readers from around the world. I was really excited when I figured out that I could set it so it wouldn't count it when I viewed my blog.

Shelley said...

I have site meter too and have pretty much just learned to use it. I have had people from all over stop by, though some I think were just random findings and they didn't stay long at all.

David said...

emily - i just fixed my meter so it wont show me when I drop by to read your comments- my numbers will go down, but they will be real- so everybody invite your friends to read all these great blogs.....
Blow up your TV!!!