Monday, October 03, 2005

The Viscount LaCarte

The Viscount LaCarte I found a place that likes Neil young AND frank Zappa- - - am I happy or what????


Using up the words.... said...

HAHA... looks like we are both stuck in a timewarp with the music at the moment. And dare I say it - you probably have more in common with it all. ;)

Thanks for the note... and yes... spring is springing... lambs are lambing, and the flowers are beginning to show their little faces. It's a beautiful time of year - though deep down, fall is my favourite.

Enjoy it for me.


David said...

ok New Zealand thinks I am OLD. anyone else want to flaunt their youth??? Hmmm ?
I remember freaking out my brothers party guest by playing Zappas "brown shoes don't make it" no one seemed to understand how cool and hip it was.
I was young and foolish, now I am not young.