Thursday, October 13, 2005

Poem du jour

Love lies sleeping
not far from the threshold of hopes door
Heavy is the dose of poison she swallowed
and near to death did she come.
Love was crushed but not destroyed in the press of pain
held down under the water of abuse, neglect and scorn
but did not drown, held her breath until her lungs almost burst
passed out and came around in a haze.
floating - suspended for so long, unfeeling
then pricked by passions thorn
the spell wears off and eyes are opened to see the
sunrise of the heart as the awakening of the soul
gives birth to the revival of the spirit.


Shelley said...

Nothing like a revived spirit! Good job!

Sandy said...

You wrote that?? Move over..ummm...some famous poet, I can't think of any names!!

Texasgal said...

hmm...sounds like Julliete!

Jayleigh said...

Deude. It does sound like Juliet and Romeo. ;-)

Snaggle Tooth said...

not bad, from a literary stance, n I write poetry, just don't often post it... been working on analogy pieces...
except the "crushing pain" comment made me think of a mammogram until I got to the last few lines, for some reason... ouch!
It "love" does about slay ya when it's over, n ya say "not again" then fall in anyways waiting for the next slam over the head...